Beyhadh comes up with a short pleasant leap

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Saanjh asks Maya not to do anything to Arjun, as she also loves him. Maya threatens Saanjh about Arjun’s life. She says you took my love Arjun and just left hatred in my fate, I have to settle scores, I will do that. Saanjh faints on hearing the threatening. Arjun can’t see Saanjh depressed and living in fear. Arjun meets Maya to shoot her and end the problems. Beyhadh will have a few years leap again. Arjun and Saanjh’s happily married life will be seen. They are blessed with a daughter. Maya will be returning to take revenge from them. Everyone has forgotten Maya and moved on in their lives.

The show will have big changes. Arjun and Saanjh will be seen in a different avatar. Jhanvi and Suman are seen bonding with their son in law Arjun. Saanjh turns into an ideal wife. Arjun is happy and got more rich. Arjun has become a business tycoon. He introduces his family to the media. He tells everyone that Saanjh is her best friend, life, love and my wife. He introduces Suman and Jhanvi as his cool mums in law. Suman says I m a cool Saas, so Arjun doesn’t let me go anywhere. Arjun gets his naughty daughter, who dominates everyone at home. They live a happy family, away from Maya’s shadow. Arjun’s daughter gets to hear about Maya by the reporter and asks Arjun about him. Arjun gets angry on reporters and sends them out of his house. He gets speechless to answer his daughter. He doesn’t want Maya’s name to be taken in his happy home. Maya will strike back to ruin Arjun and Saanjh’s new life, using their daughter in her favor.

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