Neil and Avni learn Ragini pandit’s truth in Naamkarann


Avni is taken to Gurumaa. She makes the excuse that she has come to take the clay for making idol. Gurumaa jokes on the strange fact that women belonging to good families come to them to borrow some clay for the idol. Avni gets to meet Juhi. She learns that Juhi is the next target to human trafficking. She gifts Juhi a Ganpati idol, in which she has fixed an audio tracking device. Neil gets Avni back to secure her life. He gets upset with her for going to Rangmahal without his permission. She tells him that Juhi is in trouble, they have less time to save Juhi, as Gurumaa has sold her to someone. Neil gets a big shock knowing this. She tells him that Juhi’s life will be ruined. Neil feels ashamed that he is not able to help Juhi. He tells Avni that he has failed. She tells him about planting an audio tracking device in Rangmahal so that they can know about Juhi. He finds her way an illegal crime. She tells him that her intentions are very much clean and they have to save Juhi.

Dayavanti tries to spy on Meher, to know why she has refused to freedom and cheated her. She threatens Meher for her fraud. Neil and Avni fail to hear Dayavanti. Avni tells Neil the details of Rangmahal. Neil and Avni get to hear Gurumaa and learn that Raghu pandit is actually a woman, Ragini pandit. Avni asks Neil to take some action. Neela follows Aman and sees him going to the jail. She confronts him for going to jail. Aman lies to her about the intention to meet Dayavanti. Neil and Avni have some peaceful moments. They share plans to save Juhi. Neil feels guilty that he couldn’t save Juhi. He thanks her for doing so much for Juhi. Neil gets scared to lose Avni.



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