Chandni and Sasha challenge each other in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Advay doesn’t like Chandni because of some misunderstandings. He tells Nani that he will not keep his relation with Chandni, as she is a big fraud. He tells everyone that Chandni has left her own child, she can never love anyone in her life. He feels Sasha deserves to be his life partner. Chandni tells him that she trusts him, and knows he will always respect their marriage vows. She finds out that Advay was attending business calls and had no relation with Sasha. Chandni tells Sasha that Dev is her childhood love. Sasha and Chandni challenge each other about Advay. Chandni asks Sasha to do anything, but Advay will just be her husband.

Advay doesn’t get pleased by Chandni’s ideal wife act. Chandni tells him that she is his wife, and there is no drama in her mind. She asks him to accept her. Maasi asks Chandni to pick her fallen self respect. She taunts Chandni for losing her self respect and running after Advay, when he cleared out where she stands in his life. Chandni doesn’t want to leave her rights on Advay. She tells Maasi that she is fighting for her rights, for love, which will never lose. Maasi tells Chandni that she will not win. Chandni challenges Maasi as well. Maasi asks Sasha to do something and take Chandni seriously. She suggests her to take Advay for dinner. Nani has other plans and wants Advay and Chandni to go for dinner. Sasha gets upset by Nani’s step. Sasha’s dinner date plans get spoiled. Maasi opposes Nani. Pooja asks Chandni to get ready well and look much pretty, so that Advay gets mesmerized by her.


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