Karan shows the true picture to Nandkishore in Swabhimaan


Karan makes Nandkishore know the truth. Nandkishore gets angry and asks everyone to leave from the house. Karan vents out his frustration on his dad and asks him to see the truth, he has the big house but loneliness and silence. He asks Nandkishore to keep his big house and stay alone in it. He asks Nandkishore to realize what family means, he would have thought he has won, but he has miserably failed, he has no one to call family now.

He says I can see how badly you have ruined your life, all because of your ego. Nandkishore has outburst on Karan, and Karan too asks him to see family, none has betrayed him by getting Khyati and Vishal married. Nandkishore is shattered. Karan breaks his ego and asks him to put his ego on side and see where he stands now, all because of his anger and ego. Karan insults him further. Nandkishore gets silent.



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