Kartik’s bond with Manish turns sweeter in Yeh Rishta…


The girls enjoy the hens party and dance. They get a surprise when Kirti’s friend sends a male entertainer. The girls ask him to leave. The guy dances and tells them that none can stop him from doing his work, he can’t leave without getting a good feedback. He dances for them, and makes them more uncomfortable. The men reach a cool place as Manish suggested. They occupy a table. They get shocked when some dancers take over the stage and rock their party by a sizzling dance. The men get uncomfortable by the unexpected series of events happening with them. Naitik tells them that they should leave from here. Naksh feels bachelors’ parties in their family are always jinxed.

The girls demand money from them. Kartik and Naksh pay for their dance and make a quick exit. The girls make the male dancer leave. Naira thinks of calling Kartik. Both the gangs feel guilty after the sudden things. Kartik lies to Naira about the dancer. Kartik asks her about the male entertainer. Naira lies to him. Kartik makes Naira talk to Manish when she questions him a lot. Manish clears Kartik’s name and defends his son. Kartik feels happy having his father with him. Manish makes apologize to Kartik. Kartik thankfully hugs Manish. Naitik asks Manish his next plan. Kartik asks Manish not to suggest anything now. Naksh tells them that they should race on their bikes according to their theme. The girls gang also acts and plays Chor police game. Naira gets the real gun and uses it in the act. Naira becomes police and shoots at Rukmani, who falls down, much to everyone shock.


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