Nisha makes an evil plan in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha offers help to Jhanvi. She fools Jhanvi showing the fake blood in the kerchief post coughing. Jhanvi tells her that she will take her to doctor to get her treated. Nisha refuses to go for checkup. She tells Jhanvi that she will get some happiness by celebrating Neha’s godh bharai. She tells Jhanvi to prepare for godh bharai function. She promises she will take good rest. She tells she wants to see Neha’s happiness, as she has never had such happiness in her life. Jhanvi feels guilty. Neha gets excited for the function.

Jhanvi helps her. Neha feels lucky to get Jhanvi in her family. Jhanvi also feels lucky that everyone has accepted her. Nisha takes a step and adds something in the flour to harm Neha. She feels Jhanvi will be responsible for the family breaking. Jhanvi doesn’t know Nisha is targeting Neha. Nisha conspires to kill Neha’s baby by the poison she added in the food, so that Jhanvi is blamed for Neha’s miscarriage. Nisha and Jhanvi dance in the godh bharai function. Everyone sends Aditya to office so that they can send Nisha to him. Nisha doesn’t go and becomes part of the celebrations. Neha says I have told Jhanvi to send Nisha to office. Kakimaa says I didn’t wish Nisha to do rituals. Nisha does all the rituals of Godh bharai function. Jhanvi can’t tell the family why she is allowing Nisha to be around. Jhanvi makes the laddoos. Nisha gets the poisonous laddoos for them and feeds Neha. Neha starts getting pain and screams. Everyone worries for Neha and take her to hospital. Will Nisha succeed in her evil plan? Keep reading.


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