High Five Spoilers

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Swabhimaan: Chauhan house has got vacant. Nandkishore is left alone. Dada ji and Karan try to explain him. Nandkishore sees a funeral ready. Dada ji asks him what is the matter, who was that man who has come here. Nandkishore tells him that Rudra has come and ruined the house, he has ruined the things. Rudra has threatened Nandkishore about the property. Karan and Dada ji get shocked seeing Nandkishore’s scared state. Nandkishore hugs Dada ji and weeps. Nandkishore tells Dada ji that he has sent Rudra back, he didn’t get scared of anything. He says he came like an animal and threatened to kill our family. Dada ji asks him to complain to police.

Santoshi Maa:

Devi Santoshi sends Gaumata to get Prabal’s mani and hand over to him, so that his mission to get Santoshi fails. Gaumata reaches Santoshi’s house by difficulties. Mangla tries to stop her, but fails. Gaumata enters the temple and sees the mani kept by Paulomika there. Prabal looks for an opportunity to get Santoshi’s nails. Gaumata keeps the mani with her. Devi Paulmi thinks Santoshi will be dying soon and the blame will go on her Santoshi Maa. She feels Gaumata’s mistake can prove out to be a boon for Prabal.


Avni decides to go to Rangmahal to collect evidence against Gurumaa. She plans to save Ali and Juhi. Gurumaa’s goon Ballu and his gang kidnap Avni. They take her to Rangmahal. Avni has belief in Mata Rani that nothing wrong will happen during Navratri days. Gurumaa has kidnapped Avni and kept her in Rangmahal only on Dayavanti’s wish. Avni has got caught up in a big trap laid by Dayavanti and Gurumaa. Juhi makes Avni ready for her performance of a Mujra in Rangmahal. Dayavanti taunts Avni asking her to see where is she. Avni tells her that she is not affected by their evil, as she is sure her Lord will save her. She scolds Dayavanti. She tells Dayavanti has reminded me a story of a devil, who is Dayavanti in reality.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma is annoyed with Kanak. She has made him angry again. Kanak is asked to go to her Maayka for some purpose. Kanak refuses to go. Maasi tells don’t know why does Kanak not wish to go, we are going this for her good. Kanak argues with Uma and asks him why shall she leave from her house. Maasi says its only for few days, some uninvited guests are coming. Uma’s teacher is coming home. Uma tells everyone that they can’t do any mistake till his Guru ji is residing in their house, the saint is very spiritual, and no woman’s shadow should fall on him.


Raj and Mannu play a trick to divide Chandar and Mohini. They create a misunderstanding between Chandar and Mohini, which makes them think of each other as an opponent. Mohini threatens Chandar and asks him to marry Simran, as they decided before. Chandar gets keen to marry Mannu. He takes Mohini’s warnings light. He threatens her about the secret. Mohini tells him that he has no evidence against her, so he can’t do anything. She asks him to stop playing game with her. Chandar tells her that he has the pendrive recorded by Simran’s doctor.


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