Ishita to balance the tensed relations in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi and Raman get angry on Ruhi for raising hand on Romi. The guests make a news out of this. Raman and everyone go home to settle the matter. Kiran defends Bhalla family in front of the guests. Raman asks Ruhi how did she slap Romi. He asks Ruhi to slap Romi in front of him. Raman gets angry on her, and tells her that she can’t meet Nikhil now. Adi tells Raman that Ruhi has gone to meet Nikhil by going against everyone. Ruhi tells Raman that she couldn’t see Romi beating Nikhil. Raman asks Ruhi to leave from his house. He gets adamant to oust her from the house. Adi and Ruhi get into an argument. Ishita takes Ruhi’s side. Ruhi becomes a reason for the peace breaking. Ishita asks Raman not to force his decisions on Ruhi. She blames him for everything. After the blame game, Ruhi tells her decision that she will meet Nikhil.

Raman explains her that he is not his enemy. Ruhi doesn’t agree to him. Raman packs her stuff and kicks her out from the house. He asks Ishita to choose either of him or Ruhi. When Ishita chooses Ruhi, Raman asks Ishita to leave from his life. He asks her to teach Ruhi on keeping relations first. Raman and Ishita get into a heated argument. Ishita decides to stand by Ruhi. Pihu gets divided between them. Ishita feels she has no value in Raman’s life. She tells Ruhi will be staying with me. Raman also loves his family. He protects Ruhi from troubles. He doesn’t regret that Ishita chose Ruhi. The house gets a layer of sorrow.


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