Raj and Mannu hunt for Mohini’s secret in Waaris


Raj and Mannu play a trick to divide Chandar and Mohini. They create a misunderstanding between Chandar and Mohini, which makes them think of each other as an opponent. Mohini threatens Chandar and asks him to marry Simran, as they decided before. Chandar gets keen to marry Mannu. He takes Mohini’s warnings light. He threatens her about the secret. Mohini tells him that he has no evidence against her, so he can’t do anything. She asks him to stop playing game with her. Chandar tells her that he has the pendrive recorded by Simran’s doctor.

Raj and Mannu hear them and realize Nihaal and Mohini have hidden the pendrive, which is with Chandar now. Mannu asks Raj to find the pendrive which has Mohini’s secret. Mannu tells Raj that Chandar has invited his friends at home and she will keep him busy, till Raj finds the proof. Mannu performs on a song when Chandar turns Bajwa house into a disco. Mannu tries to keep Chandar away from his room. Mannu entertains Chandar and his friends by performing in the party. Will Raj be able to find the evidence against Mohini? Will Raj and Mannu know Raman’s murder truth? Keep reading.



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