Rangmahal’s raid and rescue mission lined in Naamkarann


Avni decides to go to Rangmahal to collect evidence against Gurumaa. She plans to save Ali and Juhi. Gurumaa’s goon Ballu and his gang kidnap Avni. They take her to Rangmahal. Avni has belief in Mata Rani that nothing wrong will happen during Navratri days. Gurumaa has kidnapped Avni and kept her in Rangmahal only on Dayavanti’s wish. Avni has got caught up in a big trap laid by Dayavanti and Gurumaa. Juhi makes Avni ready for her performance of a Mujra in Rangmahal. Dayavanti taunts Avni asking her to see where is she. Avni tells her that she is not affected by their evil, as she is sure her Lord will save her. She scolds Dayavanti. She tells Dayavanti has reminded me a story of a devil, who is Dayavanti in reality.

She insults Dayavanti and tells her that even if she does prayers to Lord, her ego will make her think she is supreme than Lord. She tells them that she will see if their ego wins or her belief in Lord. She compares them with the evil Raavans. She challenges the evil duo. She trusts Neil that he will come and save her. She asks Juhi not to cry, her tears will just give them courage. She asks Juhi to trust her and Neil. Gurumaa doesn’t care when Avni gives lecture on power of love. Gurumaa tells Avni that she will be doing her dealing today, after she does the Mujra. Avni is sure that Gurumaa can’t do any harm. Avni tells them that no one can keep Neil away from her. Neil is worried for Avni. Neil and Neela make a plan to enter Rangmahal. Neil assures Neela that he will save Avni.



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