Kanak impresses Uma by her knowledge in Tu Sooraj….


Uma tells Kanak about Devi Saraswati puja. Maasi tells about Devi Saraswati, who is a symbol for education and teachings. Kanak asks Uma why is he praying to Devi Saraswati, when he himself can’t allow a girl to pursue education. Kanak says if men had only the rights to study, why would Devi Saraswati be preached. She asks him why is he limiting Suman from education. Kanak’s question leaves Uma and Maasi speechless. Uma takes a decision to allow Suman for her studies. Kanak shows the right path to Uma by a clear justification. Kanak tells him that she knows everything about Devis and Devtas. Uma gets impressed by Kanak’s knowledge.

Kanak gives Gyaan to Uma and everyone. Uma was thinking Kanak doesn’t know anything. Uma apologizes to her. Kanak gets all the Devis and Devtas idols and tells about every Devis and Devtas significance. Uma understands Kanak well. He rectifies his mistake and tells Kanak that he will let Suman give her 10th class exams, this will be my true worship of Devi Saraswati. He tells her that he will not do puja, but take Suman for her exams first. Uma gets back on his Dharm path. He tells her that he will always do everything right according to Dharm. He then talks to Kanak about women’s rights and duties. He thought women should just be limited to their duties, while Kanak reminds him about women rights.


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