Simar’s death news to shatters Bharadwajs in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar’s death news reaches home. Police comes to Bharadwaj house and tells them that Simar is found dead. The family breaks down knowing Simar has left them. Simar has always protected the family. Simar has kept them united. Simar’s death news breaks everyone. Piyush tells Mata ji that Simar can’t leave them, his mum can never leave him. There is a high voltage drama in Bharadwaj house. Simar was attacked by Bhairavi. Bhairavi has shattering their happiness. Prem sits shattered. Inspector tells them that someone has seen Simar’s dead body, but they have lost the body, it has disappeared, maybe some wild animal has taken the body, we just got her belongings at the spot.

Piyush and everyone can’t believe this. Prem says maybe its a misunderstanding, Simar can’t go this way. Sameer and Sanjana get a shock, as they went to temple for a puja. They didn’t expect they will lose Simar. They get much worried. Entire family sheds tears. Sameer consoles Sanjana. Sanjana has lost her belief in Mata ji after knowing this. She says we have gone there to make prayers, but we have lost my mum, my world has shattered. She blames Mata rani for all this. Mata ji has belief in Mata rani and tells Sanjana that Simar will come back, her heart can’t believe that her Simar is dead, she knows Simar is alive. Sanjana asks her to come to senses and see the truth. Piyush and Prem also believe Mata rani and feel Simar will safely return.


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