Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori is trying to make Parth and Teni together. She explains Teni to marry Parth and become his wife. Teni doesn’t agree and has hope that Shorvori can get fine. She tells Shorvori that she can recover and live with Parth. Teni feels helpless that she is not able to do anything for Shorvori. She tries finding of any solution for Shorvori’s illness. She prays to Lord for Shorvori’s recovery. They have turned into good friends. Shorvori behaves badly with Teni in front of family members. She pretends to be bad so that the family accepts Teni. Shorvori turns rude and angry, and hurts everyone’s sentiments.

Soumya is going to become kinner’s Gurumaa. Her life is going to change now. Soumya is living her life as per her wish for the final moments. She dresses up as the bride. She will be losing her name. Saaya blesses her. Soumya will be seen in different avatar. Saaya gifts her Gurumaa’s traditional saree and jewelry.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar comes back home alive and fine. Bhairavi gets a shock seeing Simar alive. Simar has returned in Devi avatar. The family gets happy when they get Simar back on Navratri. Bhairavi is scared. She can’t believe it. She faints by the shock. Simar does the aarti with her family. Mata ji is happy that her belief in Mata Rani didn’t fail.



Chakor visits a market. She goes to buy bangles. She imagines Suraj with her. She drops her shopping bags and imagines Suraj helping her out. He sees him buying bangles for her. Suraj makes her wear the bangles. Chakor happily cries. Chakor feels his presence around. She looks for Suraj and doesn’t find him. She gets scared and runs on the road. She then imagines him stabbing her. Chakor wants to tell Suraj that she is carrying his child in her womb. She is sure that everything will get fine when Suraj knows about her pregnancy.

Some workers protest and blame Nandkishore when the factory catches fire. They get into a fight with Nandkishore. They pelt stones and go out of control. Nandkishore fails to explain them. Meghna, Naina and Nirmala come there and try to calm the workers. They explain the workers and stop the protest. Nandkishore doesn’t like to take help from Meghna and Naina. The sisters have left Chauhan house, but they are still attached with the family. Naina takes disguise of a maid and makes an entry home. Dada j gets a heart attack. Naina enters the house and wants to stay there to take care of Dada ji. Naina feeds the soup to him and tries to make him recover soon. Dada ji gets better by Naina’s care.


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