Ruhi rebels to get her rights in business in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman explains Simmi that he is with her and Parmeet. He knows Parmeet has changed. He explains Ishita is not wrong, as some people take time to believe the other person has changed. Simmi doesn’t like to hear Ishita. She acts rude to her and develops a dislike. Ishita asks Ruhi not to go out with Nikhil. She explains her that parents always have a fear that they can turn children upset. She asks Ruhi to do as Raman wants and then his anger will go, he will do what she wants. She asks Ruhi to maintain some distance from Nikhil. She suggests Ruhi should convince Raman by love. Ruhi understands her.

Simmi supports Parmeet. She stays annoyed with Ishita. Ruhi argues with Adi for snatching all her business projects. They get into an argument. Ishita asks them not to argue for work. She tells Adi to leave the projects, as he knows Ruhi has worked hard. Adi tells her that its Raman’s decision, he has nothing to do in it. Parmeet decides to get Ananya’s admission done in a big school. He asks Simmi not to have any worry, they shouldn’t have money from Raman and better manage funds himself. He believes Raman will not do anything for Ananya. Raman gets angry on Ruhi. He discusses the problem with Shagun. He wants to find some way to keep Nikhil away from Ruhi.


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