Pooja to bring Naren and Supriya together in Piyaa Albela


Naren’s love has turned into hatred. He makes Pooja’s drawing and throws colors on her. He says very soon even Pooja will be crying like this. Naren wants to see tears in her eyes. He ruins her drawing. He has changed a lot. He has got restless. Pooja is a step ahead of him. He vents out frustration on the drawing. He got busy to hurt her. He is angry on himself for falling in love with Pooja. Pooja challenges Naren that she will make him go back to take Supriya’s help, else she will name him entire business of Mr. Kapoor.

Pooja has returned in Naren’s life. She gets ready to celebrate Navratri. She gets beautifully dressed to play Dandiya. Pooja has left Naren and brought a storm in his life. Naren has got away from his family. Pooja wants Naren’s family to get together. She makes Supriya ready. She gets Supriya in the celebrations. She feels guilty as Naren has changed because of her. She wants to change Naren like before. She has taken the other way and came as a NGO worker. Neelima hugs Supriya and wishes her. Pooja protects Supriya.


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