High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Woh Apna Sa:
Samar tells Nisha that he can do anything to get Jhanvi. He tells her that he loves Jhanvi a lot. She asks him what can he do for her. He tells her that he can give his life for her. She asks him if he can kill anyone for Jhanvi. She asks him to kill Aditya and make him out of his way, then Jhanvi will become his love forever. Samar accepts her offer of partnership. They join hands. Nisha and Samar get together and make plan against Aditya. Aditya doesn’t know his life is in big danger. A sharp shooter reaches the place to kill Aditya.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Mata ji falls unwell. Simar goes to Mata ji and holds her hand to support her. Simar makes Mata ji walk on her feet and does a miracle. Bhairavi gets flowers and falls in Simar’s feet. Simar has taken a Mata rani avatar and doing miracles in Navratri. The family gets happy seeing Simar’s miraculous doings.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Uma gets angry on Kanak. He shouts on Kanak and Maasi. Kanak doesn’t let Uma drink the milk, knowing a lizard has fallen in it. She tells him that milk got poisonous. Uma doesn’t believe her. Uma then agreed to her. Kanak gets a chance to go home and spend some time with her family. She gets happy and hugs Uma. They have a sweet moment.


Rishton Ka Chaakravyuh:
Sudha will be targeting Anami. She asks Narottam to make Anami emotionally on their side. She will be showing her true side. She wants Anami to go against Satrupa and Lal Mahal. Sudha does drama of being a helpless woman and wins Anami’s sympathy. Sudha will be twists between Anami and Satrupa.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja challenges Naren for the Dandiya. She gets ready in a beautiful way. Naren gets mesmerized seeing her. Naren gets angry thinking of the cheat Pooja did with him. He gets jealous when he hears her talking about Mr. Kapoor. Pooja asks him to accept her challenge, and if she loses, she will name all her property to him. Pooja has come back and wants all her family members to get together. Pooja gets Supriya there. Naren hates everyone and also his parents. Pooja feels guilty. Naren has become such because of her one bg decision to leave from his life to save his life. She is trying to make everything fine. Pooja and Naren play Dandiya.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Shorvori have a moment. They have a lovely hug. Shorvori is celebrating love for the last time. She cries and hides her tears. She wants to go away from Parth. She decided to spend time with Parth so that she has memories. She can’t tell Parth that she has cancer. She doesn’t want to give him any sorrow. Parth makes Shorvori wear bangles. He reminds their old moments. Shorvori relives all the golden time. Shorvori fears she won’t be able to meet Parth again. They play their fav song.


Avni attacks Gurumaa after the Durga puja. She asks Gurumaa to release all the girls, else she will burn her alive. Avni points knife at her and pushes her down. She pours oil on her and threatens that she will ignite fire. She gets a fire torch. Avni takes Durga Maa avatar and does not listen to anyone. Dayavanti, Neil and Ali witness this. Avni wants Juhi and all girls to get free. Gurumaa asks Avni to leave her and begs to her. Avni wants to make the place free from Gurumaa’s evil. Avni is ready to kill Gurumaa. Gurumaa has done much crimes in her life and always got free from blames. Avni gets much angry. She recalls the tortures Gurumaa has done on all the girls.


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