Ayaan takes a decision for Aarohi in Beyhadh

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Ayaan warns Arjun about Maya. He tells Arjun that Maya has added the poison in Aarohi’s chocolate. The family had rushed Aarohi to hospital and got her treated in time. Maya takes nurse’s disguise and comes to give the antidote to Aarohi. Maya gets happy seeing the family in tension, but doesn’t want to kill Aarohi. Arjun gets relieved when Aarohi gets fine. Aarohi asks Arjun not to worry about her, as she has a loving family with her. She tells them that Ayaan also loves her like a dad and she is lucky to have all of them. Ayaan gets emotional and fears for her life.

They all get glad seeing Aarohi back to her chattering. Ayaan says I will take Aarohi away from here, else Maya will try to kill him. He says Maya will target everyone who is around Arjun, who matter to Arjun in his life. The family gets Aarohi home. Ayaan doesn’t want to stay at home. He feels Maya’s hatred will always create hurdles for them. The house gets saddened.

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Ayaan tells Arjun that they can’t manage Maya now. Ayaan and Arjun have a fight for Aarohi. They both love Aarohi a lot. Ayaan packs Aarohi’s bags. Saanjh asks Ayaan not to take Aarohi. Ayaan doesn’t listen to Arjun and Saanjh, and take Aarohi. Ayaan tells them that he can’t afford to lose Aarohi to Maya’s hands. Ayaan asks Saanjh to think of Aarohi’s life, than thinking to keep her along. Arjun permits Ayaan to take Aarohi along, while Saanjh worries as she wants Aarohi to stay with them. What will Saanjh decide for her daughter? Keep reading.






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