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Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar burns the Raavan idol and does Daahan. While Raavan burns, Bhairavi gets a shock by Simar’s avatar. Simar has given the warning to Bhairavi. If Bhairavi does anything against Simar and family, then Simar will not spare her. Bhairavi gets hurt by the arrow, which Simar has shot at Raavan. Simar tells Bhairavi that she is also a bad spirit, that’s why the arrow has injured her. Simar gives the ointment to Bhairavi.


Suraj hears Imli talking to someone on call. Chakor spies on Ranvijay, who talks to Imli. Imli and Ranvijay plan to separate Chakor and Suraj. Imli fixes the meet with Ranvijay. She tells him that they will meet and make the plan. Suraj gets doubting on Imli and keeps an eye on him. He asks Imli did she come back so soon if she has gone to meet Chakor in Banaras.

Ishq Mein Marjawan:
Deep gets ready for the marriage. He reaches the mandap and waits for his bride Aarohi. Everyone was in tension when the bride doesn’t turn up. Deep gets worried. Aarohi comes back. Deep holds her hand and takes her to mandap. Deep gets mesmerized by her beauty.

Shakti: Preeto and entire family celebrate Navratri. They all do the aarti at home, after placing Mata Rani idol. Harman turns sad and recalls Soumya. He stays in her memories. Soumya’s love has made him leave everything. Harman swears that he will leave his social life. None is able to understand his feelings.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori blames Parth for having an extra marital affair with Teni. Parth slaps her angrily. Shorvori decides to divorce him. Parth doesn’t know about Shorvori. She is attached to everyone. She realizes she has risked the baby’s life. She meets Teni in hospital and apologizes to her. She emotionally bonds with Teni. She hugs Teni. Doctor tells Shorvori that they can just save either Teni or baby. She asks doctor to save baby and signs the papers. Parth gets angry on learning this.





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