Ruhi to reconcile with Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita tries to tell Raman about Parmeet’s lies. Raman plans an outing with family. Mani and Shagun have dinner with Bhallas after many days. Mrs. Bhalla gifts gold to Parmeet on Navratri. She tries to show equality. Raman gets motivated and reconciles with Ruhi. He apologizes to her and asks her to join his company again. Ruhi joins his company. The family has a union. Ishita feels good days are finally coming back. Raman and Shagun get happy that Ruhi got over Nikhil. Nikhil goes to meet Ruhi. Shagun tells him that Ruhi hates him, she has realized that Raman is right. She asks him to stay away from Ruhi. Nikhil realizes Raman has framed him in the false case.

Raman fears Ishita will learn the matter and get against. Raman and Ishita have sweet lovely moments. They resume their normal work routine. Ruhi meets Pooja and the duo have a talk about Riya’s good future. Ruhi learns about Pooja’s affair. She feels Pooja is sending Riya away for her motives. Ruhi learns the person is someone known to her. Ishita learns Parmeet is not honest in his work. She shares the matter with Raman. Raman doesn’t doubt on Parmeet. Ishita tells him to realize Simmi is trusting Parmeet again, they should be sure that Simmi’s heart shouldn’t break. Parmeet tries to act good and end Ishita’s doubt. Ruhi breaks Pooja’s affair news to Raman and Ishita.

Ruhi tells them that she has seen a person from their family with Pooja. Parmeet thinks to use this matter. He acts innocent infront of Raman and Ishita. He wins Raman’s trust. He plans to get Raman’s property. Ishita gets to know Shagun and Raman’s plan of defaming Nikhil. What will Ishita do now? Keep reading.


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