Shorvori to send Parth to jail in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori blames Parth for having an extra marital affair with Teni. Parth slaps her angrily. Shorvori decides to divorce him. Parth doesn’t know about Shorvori. She is attached to everyone. She realizes she has risked the baby’s life. She meets Teni in hospital and apologizes to her. She emotionally bonds with Teni. She hugs Teni. Doctor tells Shorvori that they can just save either Teni or baby. She asks doctor to save baby and signs the papers. Parth gets angry on learning this.

Shorvori’s decision gets sorrow for everyone. There is high voltage drama. Shorvori has sent Parth to jail. Parth and Shorvori love each other a lot. Shorvori takes this step to make him hate her. Teni and entire family get worried for Parth. Teni informs everyone that Shorvori has filed complaint against Parth, he is in lockup, so they are not able to contact him. Shorvori wants to make herself away from Parth and family. Teni is also involved in her plan.

Teni worries for Parth, who is tolerating all this and also getting his heart broken. Teni tells everyone that Shorvori couldn’t become a good wife and good bahu, when Parth loved her a lot and went against the family to marry her. She ignites fire and makes the family against Shorvori, on her saying. Its too tough for Teni to do this, but she is helpless seeing the bad situation. She speaks ill about Shorvori. She says Shorvori has ruined this family respect, she is the daughter in law and should have protected the family respect. She tells Dada ji that Parth has taken wrong decision to marry Shorvori. Shorvori wants to get Parth and Teni married. She wants the family to accept Teni heartily.


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