Iss Pyaar Ko 3: Chandni to exit from Advay’s life


Advay confronts Chandni for making his family away from him. He tells her that her parents defamed his parents and killed them. Chandni learns the reason of his hatred. She feels she can’t reach his heart before she ends his hatred. She tries to clear the misunderstandings. She goes to meet Yash and get her answers. She tries to make him speak up the past. She asks Yash to help her by telling the truth.

She asks him to recall who has killed Dev’s parents. She asks Yash to say this is not true. Yash tells her that he is responsible for Dev’s parents death. Chandni gets moved after learning the truth. Yash repents his sins. He tells her how Indrani proved Dev’s mum was a witch. Chandni gets to know the entire story of Dev’s parents. She regrets the past. Yash feels sorry to kill Dev’s parents. Chandni thinks of sharing the truth with Advay and also repent for her parents’ sins. She tells Advay that she is leaving from his life, as she is really responsible for ruining his life.


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