Karwachauth celebrations next in Sasural Simar Ka


Bharadwaj family gets ready to celebrate Karwachauth fast. Mata ji blesses her family. She wishes they always stay happy. Roshni tells her that she has made all the plates ready and kept on terrace. Mata ji says moon will be coming, we should go there. They all look for Simar. Piyush asks Prem about Simar. Prem says she should have been here with you all. Piyush wonders where can she go. Mata ji asks them to call Simar. They all wait for Simar so that she can go for the rituals. All the women get excited to break the fasts.

Simar comes home and tells them that she had gone to see if the moon has come. She asks them to come for breaking fast. The entire family do the puja and break Karwachauth fast. Simar does the puja with Prem. Prem breaks her fast. He asks her why is she lost. Simar doesn’t share the matter with him. Simar tries to balance the evil plans of Bhairavi. Simar wants to get happiness for family.



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