Mannu to reject Raj’s love proposal in Waaris


Mannu and Raj succeed to get Chandar out of their lives. They get Chandar arrested. Simran gets her memory back. She refuses to listen to Rohan. Rohan doesn’t know to get happy or upset with Simran’s memory recovery. Simran tells him that she hates him a lot. Raj gets relieved when Mannu gets conscious after the operation. He tries to talk to her once. Simran makes it clear that she will always regard Raman as her husband.

Mannu reminds Raj their contract, of getting separated when Simran gets fine. She tells Raj that he has always kept enmity by showing love. She gets disheartened as Raj never respected her. She tells him that she is tired of fighting for her love, now that Simran got fine, its time to get separated and go their ways. She refuses to Raj’s love proposal as he has lost her trust. Raj vows to win her love and celebrate Diwali together. On the other hand, Rohan and Simran’s relationship suffers. Simran refuses to accept her marriage with Rohan. She sides with Amba and goes to Pavaniya house with Mannu. Raj and Rohan think to do something to get their life partners back.



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