Naren to undergo a fatal attack in Piyaa Albela


Naren’s life falls in danger. Pooja finds him wounded and locked up in a coffin. Pooja gets worried seeing him unconscious. His breath starts falling. Pooja tries to revive him. She feels like losing Naren. Rahul has sent the girls to kidnap Naren. Naren was tortured by the girls, who were cheated by him. Naren didn’t expect this to happen. The girls had beaten him and put him in the coffin to bury him. Naren was close to death. The girls had buried him, but Pooja reached there on time and saved him.

Pooja doesn’t see the girls leaving. She senses Naren in danger and gets clue of Naren. She sees the freshly made pit and digs the soil. Naren has ruined many women’s lives and had to pay for his deeds. The girls attempted to kill him and took revenge. Pooja succeeds to save his life. Pooja cries seeing his state. She goes to get water for him. She asks him to keep eyes open. Surbhi sees Naren alone and acts like saving him. She asks Naren to come fast, anything can happen. Surbhi gets the credit of saving him. She takes Naren along. Pooja comes back to the place and finds Naren missing.



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