Santoshi Maa to punish Prabal for his crime

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Santoshi tells Dhairya that Prabal is attacking her. Prabal has given the poison to her. She asks Dhairya to save her. Dhairya reaches the place and finds her dead. Dhairya shouts for her. He lifts Santoshi and takes her out to get some help. Gaumata informs Santoshi Maa about Santoshi’s state. Devi Paulmi gets happy knowing Prabal has done her big work.

Dhairya takes Santoshi to the hospital. Doctor checks her and tells him that Santoshi is no more. Santoshi Maa learns the bad deed of Prabal and fumes with anger. She pledges to kill Prabal, who dared to change the fate written by Brahmadev. She tells Devi Parvati that Prabal’s death is written in her hands. She goes to punish Prabal. She gets heartbroken on losing her biggest devotee Santoshi. Dhairya doesn’t let police take her for post mortem. He believes in Santoshi Maa and is sure that she will save Santoshi. He feels Santoshi can get alive if she gets blessed by the Goddess. Dhairya and Santoshi hide in the jungle. Dhairya doesn’t accept this truth. He takes Santoshi to the temple and prays to Santoshi Maa to undo the bad happening. Will Santoshi Maa give a life to Santoshi? Keep reading.






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