High Five Spoilers

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Dil Se Dil Tak: Shorvori has asked for divorce and sent her lawyer with the papers. Parth is shattered by her decision. Parth thinks what made Shorvori take this decision. Parth cries and asks the family where did he go wrong in his marriage. He can’t believe it. Even the family thinks Shorvori can’t do this. Parth tears the papers and gets angry on the lawyer. Dada ji controls Parth.


Naksh gets his baraat for Kirti. Goenkas welcome the groom and baraat. The groom finally arrives to wed his bride. Everyone sings and dances in the baraat. Naira enters the pandal, followed by the baraat. Everyone is happy. Kartik teases Naira as groom’s sister. They have a filmi romance and teasing. Kartik asks Naira to dance in baraat. Naira dances in her brother’s baraat. Naira hugs Naksh and asks him not to look upset. Naira does a sister’s duty and then Kirti’s Bhabhi’s duty. She does Naksh’s aarti and welcomes him. Singhanias tell them that Naitik missed the flight, and he can’t come in the marriage. Naira is hiding some big thing from Naksh.

Avni gets emotional while talking to Juhi. Juhi gets headache. Avni asks her to sit, she will get a balm. Avni drops the sindoor box by mistake. Juhi catches it and gives the sindoor to Avni. Avni asks Juhi why is she worried. She asks Juhi to share what’s bothering her. Avni becomes her good friend. Juhi tells her that Neil and Avni are made for each other, and she knows her place in Neil’s life. She asks Avni never to think that she can come in between them. Juhi says she has no feelings for Neil now. She tells Avni that Neil is just of him, and she just wishes them to be happy. Avni thanks Juhi.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan and Pankti meet in Mahabaleshwar, after many hits and misses. Ahaan gets her dupatta with her poetry written on some paper. He gets happy knowing his search has found him. He hears Pankti shouting her name at the echo point. Jayant gets to hear a guy talking in background and asks Pankti to stay away from everyone, else it won’t be good for her and other person. Pankti attends Ahaan’s concert and sees him performing. She finds some unknown connection with him. She learns he is Ahaan Dhanrajgir.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina lies to family because of Sameer. She tells the family that they want to go to her friend Suman’s birthday party. Her aunt asks her how did she make a friend in a way. Sameer’s birthday is coming. Naina wants to attend his birthday. She says she wants to become Suman’s best friend, Suman’s mum also invited her. Naina’s dad asks her to stay away from Sameer.


Harman reaches the kinners house to get Soumya. After becoming Gurumaa, Soumya has realized her love and wants to return to him. The kinners have got against Harman and Soumya. Soumya argues with them. She tells Saaya that she loves Harman, and Saaya has supported their love before, what happened now. Harman tells Saaya that he has come to take his wife, he will accept her. Saaya asks him will Soumya accept him. Harman asks her what does she want, why is she not letting Soumya go now, he is ready to do anything. Saaya had cleared to Soumya before that she has to make many sacrifices after becoming Gurumaa, Soumya had decided to become Gurumaa and now she goes against her own decision. Saaya is angry that Soumya didn’t stay on her words, she has to stick to her commitment.



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