Kartik to realize Naksh’s unwillingness in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh gets his baraat for Kirti. Goenkas welcome the groom and baraat. The groom finally arrives to wed his bride. Everyone sings and dances in the baraat. Naira enters the pandal, followed by the baraat. Everyone is happy. Kartik teases Naira as groom’s sister. They have a filmi romance and teasing. Kartik asks Naira to dance in baraat. Naira dances in her brother’s baraat. Naira hugs Naksh and asks him not to look upset. Naira does a sister’s duty and then Kirti’s Bhabhi’s duty. She does Naksh’s aarti and welcomes him. Singhanias tell them that Naitik missed the flight, and he can’t come in the marriage. Naira is hiding some big thing from Naksh.

Kartik asks Naira why is Naksh looking so upset, as if he is forced to do this marriage, its better if he marries by his wish. Naira tells him that Naksh is upset as Naitik didn’t come. Kartik has seen the video where Naksh tells Yash that he is not marrying Kirti by his wish, he is just agreeing to the alliance for Naira’s happiness in Goenka house. Kartik turns upset seeing his confession. He feels Naksh can’t keep Kirti happy if he is not happy. Naira explains Kartik that they have to hide this matter from family, else things will spoil. She assures him that Naksh is not getting back from his commitment.


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