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    Ishqbaaz: Anika tries to remind Shivay about herself and annoys him by her talk. She tells the old incidents. She does so to make him speak he is doing a drama. He tries to defend and doesn’t tell anything. He asks her not to spoil his name. Anika and Dadi laugh on him. Anika’s cute banter continues. Anika annoys him further. She sells her costly ring to make a cheaper dinner set. Shivay stops her and tells her that ring is not fake, its very costly. She tries to make him admit that he has given her the ring. Shivay tells her that he knows the value of a diamond. He goes with Tania. Omkara asks Shivay if he is hiding something. Shivay doesn’t confide anything.


    Shweta and Bebe worry for Neil and Avni. Shweta wants to think positive. She takes help from police. They don’t have any evidence. Shweta reminds Neil’s sincere duty. She asks them to check on Dayavanti and Ragini pandit in jail, their absence will clear the matter. Commissioner agrees to help them. Avni gets distraught when she sees Aman siding with Dayavanti. Avni catches Gurumaa and threatens to kill her, while Aman attacks Neil. Gurumaa begs for her life.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita tells Aaliya that Nikhil is innocent. Aaliya loses trust in him. Ishita thinks of revealing the truth. Ruhi Romi advises Aaliya to spice up her life by surprising Adi. Mihika doubts on Romi by hearing his words. Ishita confronts Shagun and Raman for their misdeed. She asks them how can they ruin Ruhi’s life. Shagun tells her that they made Ruhi’s life better. She asks Ishita not to back up Ruhi, her way to support Ruhi always is wrong. Ishita asks them if they thought what will happen when Ruhi knows the entire truth, they will fall in Ruhi’s eyes.


    Kartik and Naira have sweet moments. They all gear up for the big day of Naksh and Kirti. Naksh thinks of his lie that he loves Kirti. Yash feels Naksh didn’t get sure about Kirti till now. Naksh realizes the marriage day has arrived. Yash wishes Naksh accepts Kirti by heart. Naira gets dressed up for the marriage function, and stuns Kartik by her beauty. Kartik tells her to give him medicines along with the heart attack. Naira too compliments her hero. Naksh tells the family that he will not do any rasam till Naitik comes. He feels his past is still in his mind and wishes to move on by heart. Suwarna makes Kirti ready as the bride.

    IPKKND 3:

    Maasi fills anger and hatred in Advay’s heart for Chandni. He packs Chandni’s bags and decides to kick her out of his house. He can’t forgive her for his parents death. Police informs Advay that his parents are declared innocent, and they were framed by Chandni’s parents. Inspector tells him that Chandni has filed complaint against her parents, and finally his parents got justice. Chandni does her duty towards Advay. Chandni feels guilty on her part. She decides to leave from Advay’s life and apologizes to her. Advay wishes to stop her, but doesn’t. Chandni gets emotional. She accepts her mistakes. Advay thinks of Chandni after she leaves.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga breaks up with Sanjay. He gets heartbroken by her decision. She chooses her family and dreams over love. He finds her selfish to think for herself and make him away regarding him her weakness. She tells him that their love is her weakness. She wants to go ahead in life and focus on career. She doesn’t want to have any relation with Sanjay. Durga’s family faces humiliation once again. Durga tells Sanjay that she belongs to her family first, she has many responsibilities and she can’t be selfish to think of her love. She calls it off. Sanjay asks Durga not to leave him. He loses Durga and her love.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Adhiraj’s sister Tania starts falling for Avdhoot. She happens to meet him in college. She gets interested in him. Avdhoot too plays along. Avdhoot asks the college students to humiliate Anami, and make her out of the college. The group gets ready to insult Anami and send her out. Anami enters the college and holds confidence. Dada ji tells about Dheeru’s deal. He loses trust on Dheeru, who has made his help turn into a business deal. He tells Dadi how Dheeru is blackmailing him.



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