Durga weeps for her house division in Meri Durga


Brij loses his respect in panchayat. Dadi regrets to give birth to Yashpal. She tells him that Brij’s respect got ruined. Yashpal gets shattered on learning the matter. Dadi asks Yashpal who gave him the right to decide the future for everyone. She asks him to realize what they are facing because of Durga. She says he just did a father’s duty and failed in all other duties. Brij humiliates Yashpal and Durga. She gets sad seeing him in a drunken frustrated state. Brij creates a scene after losing his mind. Brij refuses to forgive Durga for this day. He tells Durga that she has succeeded to ruin everyone’s lives.

Durga has lost in the race and brought more shame for the family. Brij asks Yashpal why did he not tell his decision of supporting Durga before. He tells how he promised the panchayat and couldn’t keep his promise. He ends ties with Yashpal and his family. Brij divides the house. He tells Dadi that he has no relation with Yashpal now. Yashpal loses his supportive brother, because of Durga. Brij makes it clear that none can repay what he has lost. Durga feels sorry for everything. She didn’t wish her family to get divided. Yashpal tries to calm down Brij, who is not any any mood to listen. Yashpal tells Brij that he can’t lose his brother. Brij doesn’t want to bear more punishment because of Yashpal. Yashpal gets disheartened. Yashpal regrets to have a daughter like Durga.


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