High Five Spoilers

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Sasural Simar Ka: Simar reads Ramayana for Mata ji. She senses Bhairavi has gone to the hospital to know about her death. She worries and leaves from home to stop Bhairavi. Simar is playing a game to prove Bhairavi is getting mad. Bhairavi gets a shock when Simar proves Bhairavi wrong. The family doesn’t believe Bhairavi. Simar finds Sameer and Sanjana’s passport. Sanjana thanks and hugs Simar. Sameer consoles Bhairavi, who tells him that she is not mad.


Kirti is ready for the marriage. She waits for Naksh to get baraat. Singhanias get the baraat. The Singhania women dance around Kirti. Kirti gets nervous. She feels excited to meet Naksh. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani give a special message to Kirti. Rajshri compliments Kirti. The women tell Kirti about Akshara, who wanted to sing a song for her bahu. They all wish the song for Kirti, and make her feel special. Goenkas are happy that Kirti is receiving much love and good wishes from her inlaws.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piya ji:

Uma has decided to make Saras a sevika for his Guru ji. Kanak opposes him. Kanak meets Bhabho and takes her guidance to solve the problem posed by Uma. She tells Uma that he will become Krishna and she will become Rukmani in the act. She tells everyone their roles. She gets emotional. She has kept the Shri Krishna Leela play at home. She tells Uma that she has never known much of Krishna, she has just heard the Leela.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori tried to make Parth hate her. Parth doesn’t hate her. Shorvori plays her last move and sends divorce notice home. Parth gets a shock seeing the divorce papers. He wonders what did he do that his wife took this step. He is sure not to break the relation, but her step surely breaks him down.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Sameer apologizes to Naina. They have a moment. Naina’s dad reaches there and scolds Sameer. Sameer apologizes to him as well. Naina’s dad refuses to forgive a cheater. Sameer tells him that he will apologize to him every day till he forgives him. Naina’s dad asks her not to meet Sameer. He reminds her the work. He asks her to go and study. Sameer wants to convince Naina to come for a date. He wishes Naina agrees.


Omkara learns Gauri is innocent. Omkara was doubting on her character. He felt Gauri doesn’t deserve to be his wife, and ends relations with her on an ugly note. He feels sorry for his bad behavior. He recalls making Gauri leave from his life. Omkara gets ready to make up to her. Omkara takes a cool avatar. Om goes to get Gauri home. Omkara plans to meet Gauri and apologize to her.


Neil’s family plans a surprise for Neil and Ani. They get a smile when Neil returns home. Prakash asks Neil why did he come alone, where is Juhi. Neil tells them that Juhi refused to come. Shweta tells Avni that she called special makeup artist for her. She asks Avni to go and get ready. She is very excited to celebrate their happiness. Neil thanks Shweta for accepting Avni. Neela gets happy that Avni has got love and respect in her inlaws. Shweta does the perfect arrangements. Neela thanks her. Shweta and Neela appreciate Avni. Neela wants Avni’s happiness to stay forever.



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