Aditya and Jhanvi’s story to end in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha madly shoots Aditya and vows to kill Jhanvi as well. Jhanvi gets a shock seeing Aditya dying. Nisha tells Jhanvi that Aditya was the root of all problems, and he had to die to pay for his mistakes. She asks Jhanvi to know that Aditya lost his life because of her. Jhanvi worries for Aditya. Nisha blames Jhanvi for Aditya’s life. She tells Jhanvi that she has a right on Aditya’s last breath.

Aditya makes Nisha away. He tries hard to save Jhanvi from Nisha. Samar hits Aditya, which comes as a shocker for Jhanvi and Aditya. Samar stops Nisha from killing Jhanvi, as he wants to marry Jhanvi. Samar throws Aditya in the death ring and gets Jhanvi with him. Jhanvi tells Samar that she hates him and he can never get her. She expresses her love for Aditya, which fuels anger in Nisha and Samar. Samar tells Jhanvi that if she can’t be of him, she has no right to die. Samar and Nisha kill Jhanvi as well.


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