Hatred reaches max: Naren plans to kill Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Pooja gets happy seeing Naren fine. Naren gets angry on her and pushes her away, blaming her for all the bad happenings in his life. Surbhi gets happy. She takes the situation in her advantage. Pooja’s heart breaks when Naren takes Surbhi’s support. Pooja was worried for his life. He gets fuming in anger and hurts Pooja. Pooja doesn’t understand why is he behaving such, when he knows she has saved him. Naren doesn’t know Pooja saved him. Surbhi told him that Pooja is behind the attack. Surbhi uses this opportunity. She breaks them apart. She takes Naren with her, while Pooja is left to cry.

Pooja’s brother marriage track will get drama. Naren points the gun at Pooja. He hates her. He thinks Pooja has come back in his life just to hurt him, but the truth is something different. Pooja has come to change him into a happy soul again. Naren wants to take revenge from her. Naren shoots in the air, and flowers shower on them. Naren’s anger turns into a surprise for Pooja. Pooja’s brother Anuj is marrying Rachel.

Naren has arrived there to spoil the fun. Naren has held much hatred and bitterness in heart. He has suppressed it for a year and now started expressing it gradually. He gets mesmerized seeing Pooja for a moment, but then realizes he has come to end her happiness. Pooja gets the bride to the altar. Naren has a bigger plan in mind. He has fixed a bomb in the mandap, to kill Pooja and her family. He is planning Pooja’s death and wants to end the sorrow altogether.




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