Karwachauth to bring high drama in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Shorvori recall their past moments. Shorvori’s mum in law gives her the thaali for Karwachauth fast. Shorvori doesn’t behave well. Parth’s mum Indu gets the Sargi for her lovely bahu. Shorvori tells her that she will not keep the fast for Parth. Indu asks her what is she saying, every wife wants to pray for her husband’s long life. She says Parth loves you a lot, you love him too, why don’t you wish to be fine and happy. Shorvori says you have always disliked me, you wanted this, and now when its happening, why are you angry. Indu calls it enough. She says you can’t be regarded as a daughter, I will also treat you as a Saas now. Shorvori says you have never loved me, you just came here for Parth’s sake. She asks Indu to leave.

Indu curses her that she will always long for peace, if anything happens to Parth, she will not be spared. Indu tells her that Parth has also kept a fast for Shorvori, and if she doesn’t come home, Parth will die. Shorvori cries and is helpless. Indu begs her to meet Parth. Teni also explains Shorvori about Parth. Parth and Shorvori are in pain. She is facing all this alone. Parth will realize Shorvori is hiding something. They both can’t stay without each other. They miss each other and think of their happy times.



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