Simar’s behavior upsets Sameer in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar has played a game against Bhairavi. Sameer takes a stand for Bhairavi. He gets annoyed with Simar. Simar and Shera hide and scare Bhairavi by the ghostly sounds. Simar tells her that she has come to take revenge from her. She says you have killed me, and I have come to kill you. Bhairavi recalls killing Simar. Simar and Shera see Bhairavi scared. Shera asks what would be going on in Bhairavi’s mind now. Simar asks him to have patience.

Simar sends Sanjana to convince Sameer. Sanjana tries to end Sameer’s annoyance by her love. Simar and Shera see them. Shera says a mum can do any magic to solve every problem. Sameer is upset as Simar is torturing Bhairavi. He feels she is not Simar, but someone else. Sameer argues with Simar. Sanjana shouts on him and then apologizes to him. She makes up to him.



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