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Sasural Simar Ka: Simar has played a game against Bhairavi. Sameer takes a stand for Bhairavi. He gets annoyed with Simar. Simar and Shera hide and scare Bhairavi by the ghostly sounds. Simar tells her that she has come to take revenge from her. She says you have killed me, and I have come to kill you. Bhairavi recalls killing Simar. Simar and Shera see Bhairavi scared. Shera asks what would be going on in Bhairavi’s mind now. Simar asks him to have patience.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

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Naina asks Sameer why did he prove she is a liar. Sameer asks her to see how she has ruined him by her half truth. He says you have proved that I m a thief, without knowing the truth, you could have come to me and ask me the matter clearly. They both get annoyed with each other. Later, Sameer is scared when Raksha bandhan comes. He fears Naina can tie him the rakhi. He has a liking for Naina. His friends make fun of Naina. Sameer knows they are indirectly teasing him and plays along to make them quiet. Sameer acts like Naina and they laugh. They call Naina a crying heroine. Sameer says he has taken the challenge to get Naina. His friend says Naina is different, she will not get convinced, Sameer will get old to get her, then his love story will end.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Yash and Ananya look for Naksh’s shoes. Kartik and Naira also look for shoes. Kids hide the shoes separately. Yash and Ananya get a shoe and then match the pair. The garland falls in Naira and Kartik’s neck. They have a romantic moment.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori is staying in a hotel. Indu comes to meet her. Shorvori is struck by bad fate. She refuses to Indu’s request. Indu tells her that Parth and entire family loved her always. She asks Shorvori to return their love. A mum’s hope breaks when Shorvori acts stone hearted. Indu fears for Parth’s life. She has seen him shattering. She asks Shorvori how can she make Parth suffer like this. She tells that Shorvori will never get free from her curses now. Shorvori gets saddened. Shorvori argues with her and expresses her anger. She says you have never thought for me and now when your son is suffering, you have come to me to request, its all her greed. She says she didn’t keep any fast for Parth this time, as she has got Parth away.


Raj and Rohan learn someone is planning to trap Mannu and Amba in the jewelry theft case. Mannu is trying hard to make Amba the head of the village. Chandar plans to ruin Mannu and her family, to get revenge. Chandar has returned to create a havoc. Raj and Mannu don’t know Chandar is the one who has sent the thief home.

Dadi gives Sargi to Anika. Dadi wants to celebrate Anika’s Karwachauth in a good way. All the women have kept the Karwachauth fast.Anika is also acting along with Shivay. Anika doesn’t want Tania to know that Shivay and she got together in tacking her. Tania says Anika is not of our family and she won’t be keeping any fast. Anika maintains her lie. Tania doesn’t want to harm Anika. She is following someone’s orders to separate Anika and Shivay. Anika learns Shivay has also kept a fast for her. Anika doesn’t want to let Tania succeed in spoiling their big day.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Preeti vows to ruin Prem’s family’s happiness. Tejaswini gets a stand for Prem. She slaps Preeti and vows to support Prem. The sisters get against. Prem shatters and cries. He apologizes to Tejaswini. He confesses his love to her. He couldn’t understand her love and was troubling her to get revenge. Prem feels bad and hurts himself. Prem has tears of repentance. Prem says I love you a lot, but my useless anger has ruined me. Prem slaps himself and says I have lost. She couldn’t see him in pain and forgives him. She hugs Prem and consoles him.


Arjun catches the girl, whom Arjun and Saanjh have chosen as their surrogate. The girl argues with Arjun. She runs away by pushing Arjun away. Arjun wonders if the surrogate is working on Maya’s orders. Maya will control Arjun’s life again.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja gets happy seeing Naren fine. Naren gets angry on her and pushes her away, blaming her for all the bad happenings in his life. Surbhi gets happy. She takes the situation in her advantage. Pooja’s heart breaks when Naren takes Surbhi’s support. Pooja was worried for his life. He gets fuming in anger and hurts Pooja. Pooja doesn’t understand why is he behaving such, when he knows she has saved him. Naren doesn’t know Pooja saved him. Surbhi told him that Pooja is behind the attack. Surbhi uses this opportunity. She breaks them apart. She takes Naren with her, while Pooja is left to cry.


Avni sweetly proposes to Neil. She gets a ring and asks Neil if he will marry her. She drops the ring, which Neil catches. The couple gets a moment, filled with romance. Avni asks Neil will he accept her, even when she has many bad people connected to her. Neil knows her goodness. Neil has always told her that he loves her. He gets shocked when she proposes him. They get in a different emotional zone. Neil makes her wear the ring. He kisses her hand and is happy that Avni has finally learnt to acknowledge his feelings.


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