Omkara-Gauri meet post separation in Ishqbaaz


Gauri cries thinking of Omkara’s cheap accusations on her. She gets ready to keep the Karwachauth fast for Omkara. She wants his happiness. She prays for his long life. Omkara takes a disguise and meets Gauri. Gauri meets the women and prepares to sight the moon. Someone arrives to their house. Gauri tells the women that she will go and check. Gauri happens to go out and sight the moon to break the fast. She gets to see Omkara via the net. She sees Omkara, and doesn’t identify him.

Gauri is broken up. She has lost all the hope in her relation. She misses Omkara and sheds tears. She wanted Omkara to be with her on her first Karwachauth. Omkara learnt she is innocent and just loves him. Omkara has turned into a Sardar, and came to be with his wife to convince her for forgiving him. Omkara and Gauri’s meet gets filmi. When they see each other, the moment freezes for them. Gauri’s wish comes true. Omkara breaks her fast by a twist to help her.


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