Juhi to seek help from Neil in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni celebrate with friends. Juhi gets restless being worried for her daughter. She thinks of contacting Neil. Avni and Neil have a romantic dance. Avni sheds tears thinking of Neil and their relation. Juhi gets a threatening note from Gurumaa’s son. He writes to her that he has her daughter. Juhi gets panicking. Avni visits Aisha’s grave and feels tired of her life battle. She dearly misses Aisha. Avni speaks her heart out. She tells Aisha how Aman has killed Dayavanti and ended all the evil. She says Aman has made us proud today. Neil consoles a crying Avni. He tells her that Aisha will always be with her, and even Neela is there to guide her in life.

Neela and Shweta meet to talk about Neil and Avni’s relation. Shweta plans a surprise for Neil and Avni. She has realized that Avni is the best life partner for Neil.

She tells Neela that she has seen this truth and understood now. She is hopeful that when Juhi sees Neil and Avni together, she will understand they are made for each other. Neela gets surprised seeing the change in Shweta. Shweta asks Neela to help her in deciding the surprise.

Neil meets Juhi and learns about her daughter, kidnapped by Gurumaa’s team. He tells Juhi that Gurumaa is in coma, but she can’t harm Juhi now. Neil gets a shock knowing about Juhi’s daughter. Juhi seeks help from him, to which he readily agrees. He gets in disbelief about Juhi’s daughter, but understands her sorrow. Juhi tells him the truth. She promises to reveal him everything once they find her daughter.



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