Kartik to oppose Naksh and Kirti’s marriage in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik sees Naksh and Yash’s video. He learns Naksh is marrying Kirti just to secure Naira in Goenka house. He confronts Naira. He says Naksh doesn’t love Kirti, he is marrying against his wish, he has cheated everyone. He says Naksh, Naira and everyone cheated Kirti. He says Naksh has lied to everyone, I will never forgive him. He asks Naira why did she not told him before, how can she hide such a big matter. Naksh and Kirti reach the mandap, holding hands.

Naksh makes a mind clear for Kirti. He decides to give her happiness and makes sure that his behavior doesn’t upset her. Kartik says Kirti will not marry such a guy who is cheating her. He says Naksh cheated the entire family. He breaks the phone. He gets his anger on Naira. Naira tries to explain Kartik that its nothing like that. Naksh’s confession in Kartik’s phone was recorded by the kids. Kartik stops the kanyadaan ritual. Dadi goes to talk to Kartik.

Dadi learns the truth. Kartik was coming to stop the marriage, but Dadi locks him in the room to keep him away. Kartik didn’t see the marriage happening. Manish does Kirti’s kanyadaan. Naira does their ghatbandhan. Naksh and Kirti take the wedding rounds. They fulfill all the rituals to get married. Dadi lets Kartik free once the marriage completes. Kartik gets angry while wishing Naksh. Kartik stays annoyed with Naira and Dadi, for supporting Naksh, knowing he is wrong. Kartik wants Kirti to stay happy. Dadi also wants a a good future for Kirti. She neglects whatever Naksh said in the video, as she gets hopeful that Naksh will love Kirti post marriage.


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