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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
    Satrupa tries to keep Anami away from Narottam. She gets angry on Narottam. Anami insults Satrupa, while siding with Narottam. Anami is hurt that Satrupa has thrown her away after birth. Satrupa explains her that she was helpless. Anami reminds how she made her foster parents helpless to get her to Lal Mahal. Satrupa warns her about Narottam, who is not less than an enemy for them. Anami is against Satrupa, knowing the past. Satrupa and Anami challenge each other. Anami doesn’t get scared of any of her threatening. She instead asks Satrupa to be careful of her, who can make her fate worse.


    Anika and Shivay discuss the Kalyani Mills case. They hide their togetherness from Pinky. Anika tries to ask Dadi about her children, to know about her hospital visit. Shivay and Anika realize the hospital reports maybe fake and the video can be true.

    Bhavya meets Abhay, who knows her well, but tries to act. She confronts him for trapping her in the fraud case. Abhay denies all the blames. Abhay offers her help instead. Shivay finds Omkara broken up. Omkara is happy that Shivay and Anika is together even in bad times. Shivay tells him how true love makes a relation stronger. Shivay reveals about sending Gauri in English classes, as she wanted to become suitable for him.


    Neil and Avni celebrate with friends. Juhi gets restless being worried for her daughter. She thinks of contacting Neil. Avni and Neil have a romantic dance. Avni sheds tears thinking of Neil and their relation. Juhi gets a threatening note from Gurumaa’s son. He writes to her that he has her daughter. Juhi gets panicking. Avni visits Aisha’s grave and feels tired of her life battle. She dearly misses Aisha. Avni speaks her heart out. She tells Aisha how Aman has killed Dayavanti and ended all the evil. She says Aman has made us proud today. Neil consoles a crying Avni. He tells her that Aisha will always be with her, and even Neela is there to guide her in life.


    Naksh tries to get free from the laundry room. Everyone assumes Naksh is upset as Naitik didn’t reach till now. Naksh tries to get help. Naira and Yash get worried while searching for Naksh. They don’t find Naksh. Aryan reaches close to Naksh and misses to find him. Kartik tells everyone his unique solution to save varmala from getting missed. The kids freeze the garlands. Naira tries to talk to Kartik. Naira finds a solution to get varmala out of the ice. Naksh finds a way and reaches everyone. Aryan is happy to help Naksh and impress everyone. Naira and Yash don’t understand what’s in Naksh’s mind.


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