Neil and Avni set out on a new mission in Naamkarann


Juhi is in stuck in another problem. Juhi tells Neil and Avni about her daughter, who is trapped in child trafficking. Neil and Avni recently got remarried. They got a new hurdle. Juhi’s worry makes them worry. They try to find Juhi’s daughter. Neil assures Juhi that he will find her daughter. They all plan how to save the girl. The girl is in the clutches of Gurumaa’s son. Juhi gets threatened by the guy. After Gurumaa died, her son has become more revengeful. Juhi is afraid of him.

Juhi is not able to face that guy, because of the past. Avni tells Neil that she will go and meet that guy in his den to find the girl. Neil is scared to send Avni to the risky place. Avni tells Neil that she is not scared. Neil doesn’t want to put Avni in danger. Avni is a strong girl. She decides to help Juhi. Avni tells him that he is her strength, and if he supports her, nothing can take her down. Neil then supports Avni and Juhi. Avni is sure that she can rescue Juhi’s daughter. Neil and Avni take disguise and reach some chawl to find the girl.

They meet some little children and ask about Juhi’s daughter. Neil and Avni are at the target of Gurumaa’s psycho son. Neil and Avni tell the people that they are social workers. Juhi and DD also reach the same place in disguise. Juhi had hope that Neil and Avni will find her daughter. Neil has to help Juhi any how. He doesn’t let his past affect present, but can’t leave Juhi by withdrawing support. Neil doesn’t want Gurumaa’s son to harm the little girl. A clown reaches Juhi and gives her a note. Juhi reads they can never find the girl. She gets depressed. Neil and Avni pacify her.

They come home and get a party by family. They celebrate their anniversary. Their plan to get the girl failed. They stay worried and don’t enjoy the party. Neil and Avni then relieve each other’s stress. Neil dances with Avni. Neil fills sindoor in Avni’s maang. They have a romantic moment. Avni gets prepared to keep Karwachauth fast for Neil. Neil is happy that their relation is going ahead. They relive the old memories. They get happy thinking of their past moments. Neil got many responsibilities on his shoulders. Avni supports him.



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