Bhairavi to pay for her crimes in Sasural Simar Ka


Bhairavi is getting electric shocks. Simar was scaring Bhairavi by acting as ghost. Simar calls the doctor to prove Bhairavi’s madness. Bhairavi asks the doctor to leave her, and threatens to kill him. The doctor asks the staff to catch her and gives her a shock. Sameer comes in between and slaps the doctor. He asks the doctor who is he, what’s his status, how dare he give shocks to his mum. Bhairavi didn’t go mad. She tries telling family about Shera. She had tied Simar by the ropes, which makes the family think she has gone mad. Bhairavi’s misdeed is not known to Sameer. Piyush tells Sameer what Bhairavi has done with Simar. He tries to explain that Bhairavi is wrong and dangerous for them.

Piyush and Sanjana try to stop Sameer. Simar makes an entry to higher the drama. Sameer gets angry on Simar and Sanjana. Sameer scolds Simar and tells her that he knows her bad game, and she can’t act innocent. He asks Sanjana how can she silently see when his mum is tortured. He gets angry on her. He says I went to drop Aarav and Ananya to airport as I didn’t know all of you will do this with Bhairavi in my absence. He doesn’t know Bhairavi’s crimes.



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