High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Shakti: Soumya wakes up at night and goes to check at Harman. Soumya feeds Harman. Saaya and all the kinners wake up and come to raise an objection. Saaya tells that she has left everything on Gurumaa, she is depending on her to decide Soumya’s fate. Saaya says they should not have food together. She asks Harman to earn money first and then he will get food. Harman tells her that this is not test, this is punishment, its wrong, she can’t do this. He asks Saaya why is she torturing her.


Avni has decided to leave the house, when Neil leaves her in middle of the wedding. Avni tells her decision to Neela. She leaves a letter for Neil. Avni asks her to take care of Neil and his family. Neela asks her to stay back and take care of everyone. Avni doesn’t listen. Avni always have ups and downs in her life. Avni can’t handle her emotions. She doesn’t understand what’s happening with her. She asks Neela to support her. She praises Neela’s courage. Neela tries hard to stop her. Neil reads the letter. He gets heartbroken. Neela, Bebe and Shweta worry.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Sameer gets a call from some mystery person, who makes him listen to some romantic songs. Sameer doesn’t know who is motivating him. Naina is in love with Sameer. Naina wants to share her feelings with Preeti. She tries to wake up Preeti. Naina plays a romantic song and dances alone. Naina is much happy to realize her love. Sameer is happy with the blank call, and enjoys the romantic songs. He feels the girl has a crush on him. He used to get irritated before by such calls, and now he is happy by the songs. Sameer is also lost in love. Sameer doubts that Naina is calling him. He calls Naina and plays the songs for her.

Ishq Mein Marjawan:
Tara is worried and looks for her bracelet. She angrily scolds Deep. She tells him that she has lost her bracelet. Aarohi gets her bracelet. Deep tells Tara that he has given that bracelet to Aarohi. She asks him how can he give her bracelet to Aarohi. She threatens to kill Aarohi. Deep pacifies her and says he will get the bracelet back from Aarohi.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Bhairavi is getting electric shocks. Simar was scaring Bhairavi by acting as ghost. Simar calls the doctor to prove Bhairavi’s madness. Bhairavi asks the doctor to leave her, and threatens to kill him. The doctor asks the staff to catch her and gives her a shock. Sameer comes in between and slaps the doctor.

Santoshi Maa:
Asur Raj gets free when Prabal keeps a condition to get him released in order to give Santoshi’s life to Devtas. Devi Paulmi gets the memory info of Santoshi in Brahmadev’s place. She thinks of feeding the memory in Santoshi’s dummy and make her get her life. Asur Raj tells Prabal that Devtas trust Prabal so they have freed him to get Santoshi’s soul back. Prabal refuses to give the soul back. Asur Raj says they want us to give the soul to Devtas. Santoshi Maa tells Brahmadev that she will fight the battle with Asurlok by using Adishakti, which is the supreme power.


Sooraj returns to Aazaadgunj on Chakor’s saying. He meets Imli and tries to know about Chakor. Imli lies to him that she didn’t go to meet Chakor. Suraj tells Imli that he has met Chakor and got to know all her lies. He asks her why did she lie to create a huge misunderstanding between him and Chakor. Suraj asks her to answer what forced her to fall so down and manipulate their relation. He doubts Imli is jealous of Chakor. He demands an answer from Imli.

He tells Imli that he has learnt the entire truth, that Chakor didn’t marry Ranvijay and she is bearing their own child. Suraj feels lucky to become a father, while Imli gets angry seeing the couple’s joy. Suraj asks her if Bhaiya ji had made her do all this. Imli doesn’t tell him anything.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Dadi tells Anami about Narottam, being Baldev’s illegitimate child. Anami learns about Sudha’s mental illness, but doesn’t believe her. Anami feels sad for Sudha, who didn’t get any rights. She feels Narottam is bearing injustice when he is not at any fault. She sympathizes with Narottam. Pujan thinks of getting Anami killed, so that heir’s place gets vacated again. He wants Avdhoot to become the rightful heir of Lal Mahal. Anami sets her mind to always protect Narottam and fight for his justice, whenever he needs her.


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