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YRKKH: Naira gets Naksh for the Varmala ritual. She finds everyone tensed. She tells them that they can do the varmala now. Kartik reveals to Naira that he has told everyone about Naitik’s absence. The elders bless Naksh and Kirti, and want to take the marriage ahead. Kartik and Naira give credit to each other for managing Naksh and family. Naira doesn’t tell him the exact matter. The family rejoices and dances. Naksh asks Naira to trust him, else his happiness will get less. Goenkas get relieved that Naitik’s absence didn’t affect Naksh’s decision on marriage. Naksh and Kirti exchange the Varmala. The family showers blessings on them. Kartik thanks Naira for showing this day to everyone. Kartik is impressed by her magical touch. He calls her a fairy to make his and Kirti’s lives better. He tells her that he is lucky to get her.


Anika keeps a watch on Shivay. He teases her knowing she is following. Tania gets angry when she sees Shivay and Anika together. Anika and Shivay lie about their fasts. They both keep the fasts for each other, and don’t reveal it. She expects Shivay to gift her something, but gets upset. Shivay pulls her leg. He wraps up his surprise for Anika. Shivay gets the card for Anika. She asks him to give it to her. He doesn’t say its for her.

Meanwhile, Bhavya tries to know about the caller, who trapped her in the fraud case. Someone stops Bhavya from knowing about the caller. Bhavya misses to know about Abhay. She doesn’t catch him, and becomes his target again. Abhay manages to run away.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Parmeet worries that Ishita can see Simmi and Ruhi coming to meet Nikhil. While Simmi and Ruhi meet Nikhil outside and come home together, Parmeet alerts them by his drama. Simmi and Ruhi hide and don’t get sighted by Ishita. Ishita apologizes and leaves from there. The family discusses about keeping Karwachauth. The Bhalla men also have a tradition to keep fast for their wives. Bala decides to keep fast for Kiran. Ishita tells everyone that all husbands will keep fasts this time. She wants to make Adi and Aaliya’s Karwachauth special.


Neil gets moved by Juhi’s truth, when she seeks help from him to find her daughter. Avni tells Shweta that Neil has gone to meet Juhi. Shweta tells how Neil has bounded himself in Juhi’s absence, he was failing in life, and she was afraid that he is sinking in sorrow, but Neil stood up to get justice for Juhi and joined police. She says Neil always wanted a simple life, but he joined police force to help people get justice. She tells Avni about Neil’s case, against Ananya Verma, how Neil used to sink in work and keep himself busy. Shweta reveals how Neil was impressed about Ananya Verma and wished to meet her.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma announces Saras turning into a sevika in next few days. Kanak opposes Uma’s decision. Kanak asks Uma to go with Saras and make her abandon her normal living necessities. Uma gets hurt. Its tough for him as well, but he doesn’t change his decision. He tells Kanak that she can’t force him to change his decision, as he is doing this to follow the Dharm path. Saras asks Uma not to see her giving up her dreams and happiness. She prefers to go alone and take the first step towards her new life. Kanak feels sorry for Saras. Uma breaks down when he sees Saras’ memories.


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