Naksh and Kirti to start a new life in Yeh Rishta…


Naira gets Naksh for the Varmala ritual. She finds everyone tensed. She tells them that they can do the varmala now. Kartik reveals to Naira that he has told everyone about Naitik’s absence. The elders bless Naksh and Kirti, and want to take the marriage ahead. Kartik and Naira give credit to each other for managing Naksh and family. Naira doesn’t tell him the exact matter. The family rejoices and dances. Naksh asks Naira to trust him, else his happiness will get less. Goenkas get relieved that Naitik’s absence didn’t affect Naksh’s decision on marriage. Naksh and Kirti exchange the Varmala. The family showers blessings on them. Kartik thanks Naira for showing this day to everyone. Kartik is impressed by her magical touch. He calls her a fairy to make his and Kirti’s lives better. He tells her that he is lucky to get her.

Aryan thinks to encash his help to get Naksh to the venue. Yash is happy that Naksh came back on time. Naksh tells Yash that he has taken his life’s best decision to marry Kirti. He is happy to go ahead with marriage. He just wishes Naira believes him.

Naira finds Naksh happy. She doubts on his behavior and wants to get sure that he is really happy. She has fear that Naksh and Kirti’s relation can suffer if Naksh’s truth comes out. She doesn’t want anyone to know his unwillingness.

Naksh compliments his bride. Kirti gets happy to know his feelings. Aryan tells Kartik that he has found Naksh and got him here, when Naira and Yash were also finding him. Kartik doesn’t believe Aryan, and asks him not to act like a hero. He asks Aryan not to make long stories. Naira gets happy when she hears Naksh and Kirti’s conversation about starting a new life. Kartik and Naira have a romantic moment, where they get tied in a garland.


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