Parmeet to begin playing a malicious plan in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Parmeet worries that Ishita can see Simmi and Ruhi coming to meet Nikhil. While Simmi and Ruhi meet Nikhil outside and come home together, Parmeet alerts them by his drama. Simmi and Ruhi hide and don’t get sighted by Ishita. Ishita apologizes and leaves from there. The family discusses about keeping Karwachauth. The Bhalla men also have a tradition to keep fast for their wives. Bala decides to keep fast for Kiran. Ishita tells everyone that all husbands will keep fasts this time. She wants to make Adi and Aaliya’s Karwachauth special.

Adi showers love on Aaliya. He doesn’t want to upset her. She demands some time from his busy schedule. Adi asks Aaliya not to fight on this day. Adi and Aaliya end their annoyances. Adi asks her not to spoil her health by fast. Aaliya asks him not to cheat in fast.

Ishita and family pamper their new bahus, Aaliya and Kiran. All the family members prepare for the fasts and get their Sargis. Parmeet gets the Sargi for Simmi. Simmi tells them that she kept the fast for Ananya. Everyone supports Simmi and Parmeet. Parmeet meets Ruhi and learns she has also kept a fast for Nikhil. He keeps his image good. Simmi doesn’t know his malicious plans and thinks Parmeet has changed into a good man. Raman gifts Ishita for Karwachauth. Ruhi gets in trouble when she is asked to have food. She makes excuses, and doesn’t reveal about her fast. Ishita and Raman learn Ruhi has kept the Karwachauth fast and gone against them. Parmeet supports Ruhi, and makes her against Ishita.


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