Ranvijay to force Chakor for marriage in Udaan


Ranvijay got adamant to marry Chakor. He has turned mad for her. Ranvijay shows his true colors. He tells Chakor that she can’t leave from his house forever now, he will be marrying her. He wants to make Chakor his bride. He shows her the jewelry and asks her to choose anything. He makes his mum gift jewelry to Chakor. He tells Chakor that the jewelry will suit her. Chakor tells him that he knows her marriage has happened. He says you got divorced also, your marriage is void and now we will be marrying.

He threatens Chakor and says he will hurt his family if she doesn’t agree. He hurts Kavya to scare Chakor. Chakor scolds him for falling so much and hurting his sister. Ranvijay leaves Kavya and asks Chakor to accept his proposal. He warns her that her refusal can get troubles for his mum as well. He reminds how he has shot Preeti to make her agree to his decision. Chakor gets helpless, as she has to save Ranvijay’s family from him. Chakor agrees to him for time being and thinks of making some plan to get them free from the new devil.

Chakor informs Suraj that Ranvijay is his enemy, he wants to kill Suraj to take revenge. Suraj tells her that he doesn’t know Ranvijay, what is his enmity, does Ranvijay know she is his wife. He asks her to leave from Ranvijay’s house. Chakor tells him that she can’t come, and he shouldn’t come to meet her. Suraj fails to contact her again. He gets much worried for Chakor’s life, knowing she is staying in an enemy’s house. Imli asks Suraj what did Chakor say. Suraj scolds her for lying before, and asks her to mind her own business.


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