Avni wipes off her growing insecurities in Naamkarann


Shweta and Neela tell Neil and Avni about their surprise. Neil tells them about Juhi and his daughter, which shocks them. Avni supports Juhi. Juhi apologizes to them. Everyone gets upset hearing this. Juhi tells them that she was helpless to come back in Neil’s life as she took his help for finding his daughter. Neela worries for Neil and Avni’s relation suffering. Avni asks Neil not to worry, everyone knows him well and none can change the past. She supports Neil and accepts his past. Neil tells everyone about Juhi’s daughter being in problem. Avni takes the task of saving the daughter.

She tells them that the girl is kidnapped by Gurumaa. Neil and Avni get together to find the girl. Juhi goes with them. Neela asks Avni not to let Juhi interfere in their relation. She tells Avni to think for herself atleast once. Avni asks Neela to always heal her wounds. Neela asks her not to leave her rights on her husband. She doesn’t want Avni to fight for Juhi. She asks Avni to become selfish sometimes. Juhi tells Avni that she has no courage, Gurumaa didn’t let her meet her daughter till now, she has just seen her picture. She tells how she stayed in Rangmahal to protect her daughter. Neil and Avni start their work and make a plan to enter the chawl to find the girl.

Juhi thanks Avni for help. She asks Avni never to think that she wants to break their relation. She promises Avni that she will leave from their life once she gets her daughter. Avni clears to her that she is not insecure. Juhi saves Avni’s sindoor from falling down. Neil tries to convince Shweta. She gets upset with him. Shweta understands Avni’s pain. She asks Neil to be with Avni. Neil thanks his parents for supporting him. Neil calms Avni’s fears. He tells her that she means a lot to him and their journey will get easy soon. They have a moment.



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