Harman back to his angry heroic side in Shakti


A goon troubles the kinners. Harman becomes the kinners’ protector. Harman has become an angry young man. He has gone with kinners to earn money by playing dhol. He didn’t expect kinners to fall in trouble. They were dancing and asking nek. Goons didn’t nek and instead misbehaves with a kinner. Harman takes a stand for the kinner. The goon points gun and threatens to kill the kinners. Harman asks him to shoot and stands before them to save them.

Harman gets into a fight with the goon. Harman couldn’t see them in danger. He loses his temper. He shows his brave side. The kinners don’t let the goon run away. They all join hands and support Harman. Harman gradually wins their hearts by his good nature. The kinners get courage seeing Harman. They also show their unity. Harman teaches a lesson to the goon. He scolds the people and asks them why did they not help the kinners, can’t they raise voice for a community, how can they just stand and see the drama. He says because of you, kinners are not able to live freely. Harman impresses Kareena by his speech. Kareena feels she was wrong to get against Soumya’s love. Kareena praises Harman for standing for Soumya and all of them. She respects Harman. Harman plays dhol and takes the kinners group forward. They continue getting ek from people.



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