High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer and Naina are restless to meet each other. Sameer meets her. Naina doesn’t meet his eyes. She gets crying. He asks the reason for her tears. He asks her to share the problem, if he did any mistake or hurt her. Naina tells him that she had to run from his birthday party, she was helpless, she didn’t mean to annoy him, she had lied at home to attend the party. Sameer asks her not to worry, he is not upset with her. Naina gets happy that he understands her.


A goon troubles the kinners. Harman becomes the kinners’ protector. Harman has become an angry young man. He has gone with kinners to earn money by playing dhol. He didn’t expect kinners to fall in trouble. They were dancing and asking nek. Goons didn’t nek and instead misbehaves with a kinner. Harman takes a stand for the kinner. The goon points gun and threatens to kill the kinners. Harman asks him to shoot and stands before them to save them.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak does Krishna Leela to explain Uma about his decision taken for Saras. She wants to tell Uma that sending Saras as Sevika is wrong. She wants to explain him the real meaning of Dharm. Uma and Kanak become Krishna and Rukmani. Kanak explains how a person’s heart and feelings are important than a promise. She shows that girls have no right to take decision for themselves. Kanak asks Uma if he believes in the story, why does he force his decisions on others. She apologizes to him. Uma tells her that Krishna always followed Dharm, and in every yug, Kanak will see people following Dharm.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira and Vijay get angry on each other. They then sort their differences and confess love. They get a romantic moment post their fight. Vijay tells her that they have to act like they broke up, till he wins the elections. Mandira supports him.

Jiji Maa:
Phalguni tries to get ration on loan. The shop owner refuses to give her more ration. Phaguni worries for arranging food for Niyati. Suyash tells his mum that he has met a girl who is soft hearted and kind like her. Uttara Devi tells him that she has met an ill mannered girl. They both talk about Phalguni. Phalguni gets a tough work in hand. The man asks her to do embroidery on the saree and deliver in one day. Phalguni tries to finish the work early to get money. Uttara Devi gets informed about Phalguni’s new work. She plans to ruin Phalguni. She tells she will not meet Phalguni now, but see her life wrecking from far to enjoy more.


Naira’s bidaai will also happen from Goenka house. Kartik is upset with Naira for hiding such a big truth from him. He feels Naksh doesn’t love Kirti and will not keep her happy. The family members dance and get set for Kirti’s emotional bidaai. Kirti meets everyone and cries. Everyone blesses Kirti and is sure that Kirti will get much happiness in her inlaws. Kartik gets mistaken that Naira has locked him inside the room, when Naksh was marrying Kirti and taking rounds. Kartik was locked by Dadi, so that he doesn’t tell anyone Naksh’s truth and doesn’t stop the marriage. Kartik is very angry on Naksh. He felt Naksh and Kirti like each other and wanted to marry, but that’s not the truth.



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