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YHM: Everyone keeps the Karwachauth fast and enjoys the functions. Ruhi keeps the fast for Nikhil. While the women do the puja, Ruhi misses to do puja, but Simmi helps her in time. Simmi makes Ruhi conclude the puja. Parmeet helps Ruhi in seeing Nikhil’s face to break her fast. Ishita and Raman celebrate the festive along with other couples. Happiness knocks in Shagun’s life as well. Shagun tells Mani that she is lucky to get him in her life. She thanks Mani from heart and asks him to promise to become her husband. Mani promises to wed her in next seven births. They have a romantic moment.


Tania happily does the karwachauth rituals with Abhay. He breaks her fast. She longs to be with him. He explains her that he has to fulfill his motives. He tells her that his dad is also an Oberoi. Abhay is also Oberoi blood. He reveals to her that his dad Vishal was never paid for his efforts, he was kicked out of the business, as he was against Tej and Shakti’s crimes. Vishal wanted to fight for the families met with the tragedy. Abhay tells her how they all made Vishal out of the house and business. He also deserved to grow up as an Oberoi, but he lost his rights. He gets determined to settle scores with them, by using Shivay.


Shweta and Neela tell Neil and Avni about their surprise. Neil tells them about Juhi and his daughter, which shocks them. Avni supports Juhi. Juhi apologizes to them. Everyone gets upset hearing this. Juhi tells them that she was helpless to come back in Neil’s life as she took his help for finding his daughter. Neela worries for Neil and Avni’s relation suffering. Avni asks Neil not to worry, everyone knows him well and none can change the past. She supports Neil and accepts his past. Neil tells everyone about Juhi’s daughter in problem. Avni takes the task of saving the daughter.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Adhiraj doesn’t put Anami in trouble. She asks him to leave. He gets adamant. She beats him up to make him leave. Adhiraj hangs to her balcony. She kicks out Adhiraj. Dadi tells Satrupa that she does yoga as Anami does, as Anami is inspiring him these days. Dadi and Satrupa have a talk as they both want to secure their only heir Anami. Dadi tells about the danger on Anami’s head.


Everyone enjoys the shoe stealing ritual. Yash and Ananya gets the shoes. Naira and Kartik gets angry on Yash and Ananya for cheating them for shoes. Kartik does emotional blackmail. Yash asks them to steal the shoes from them. Naira tells Kartik that she will join her family. Kartik asks her not to leave her alone. He tells her that he wants to win and he will join Singhanias. Dadi is happy seeing the rituals completing on time. Naira and Kartik don’t break their team and try to find the shoes. Yash and Ananya tease them for not succeeding to find shoes.


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